What Are Zyn Nicotine Pouches? 

ZYN is white nicotine pouches, without nicotine. Cool Mint is  a breezy feeling of menthol and a hint of peppermint. These can be used anytime and anywhere. It tastes good and gives a good nicotine delivery.


ZYN Cool Mint is small, discreet and dry nicotine pouches with an ice cold feeling of menthol and a hint of peppermint.  The all-white pouches are small with a dry texture and start delivering flavour and nicotine when they become a little humid in the mouth. This product is made and developed by Swedish Match which produce tobacco harm-reduction products, including SNUS.

Strengths Available:

ZYN Contains:

All of the ZYN Cool Mint products have a childproof can and will be opened like this:

How Does ZYN Work?:

The dry pouches are placed between your gum and lip so the nicotine can be absorbed once the pouch is dampened with your saliva. Once done the pouch can be disposed of by placing them back in the used compartment of the package.

NOTE: Nicotine pouches are not intended as a replacement for vaping products. They are ideal for vapers or smokers to use in areas or situations where they would need to be discrete. A few examples are train journeys, in public enclosed spaces or in the company of disapproving people.